It's all in the TOTE

 This summer it’s all in the tote, both literally and figuratively.

After a year that has been beyond challenging for many of us, the last thing we want to do is make life harder for ourselves… enter, the humble Tote bag! 
The Tote bag is the bag we all need to save ourselves the hassle. Long gone will be the days of our phones having to remain in the back-pocket of our jeans, while we struggle to balance our sunglasses on our heads and scramble to find one of the twenty lip balms in the black hole that for many of us, are our handbags...
Luckily, Willow Bay has you covered. Say hello to a stress-free summer with your best friend that will be sure to follow you everywhere – The Tote bag. 
Willow Bay have a few options to suit everyone – Our Daydreamer Neoprene Tote, Boutique Neoprene Tote and the most recent addition to the large Tote collection, our Metro Neoprene Tote.
The Boutique Tote is for those on the move and who need a little bit of extra support and reinforcement in their life. The Boutique features a zip which closes seamlessly to the edge of the bag and two extra loop holes for our signature Willow Bay straps, which means you can load up everything you need.
The Daydreamer Tote will absolutely have you daydreaming about how easy your life has become since having this bag in your life. The Daydreamer Tote is for those that have an air of sophistication about them, with these bags having recently made an appearance in a chic, Leather Look style.
And finally, The Metro Tote, also affectionately known as ‘the everything bag’ is for those who want a Tote that is capable of doing it all. There are six different pockets to separate your items and minimise that potential black hole from occurring.
And for those wondering, our favourite lip balm is the KOSA’S Kosasport LipFuel Hyaluronic Lip Balm.
We love the colour ‘Baseline’ which gives your lips the hydration it needs without compromising on a ‘your lips but better nude tint’, so if you’ve lost all twenty lip balms in that black hole of a handbag, we recommend replacing it with this one!


WB x