The Willow Bay Story

Willow Bay Co-Founders Hayley Norman & Tammy Bishop


Buying a Willow Bay bag is more than just adding another accessory to your wardrobe.

You’re becoming part of a global community of women who know it’s possible to have it all in one bag.

Fashion. Fun. Functionality.

A bag for all seasons and reasons

Whether you’re a new Mum looking for a stylish a nappy bag, a busy working woman searching for the bag to take you from the office to the gym or a global traveller looking for the perfect cabin bag.

Willow Bay has the perfect bag no matter where you’re at in your life or where you’re going.

Born on the beaches of both Sydney & Adelaide in 2017, and loved the world over, Willow Bay bags are equally at home on the school run or the Miss Universe stage.

From the very beginning, Willow Bay bags have had a loyal overseas following.

A bag designed to suit the lifestyles of a busy woman in Australia was just responding to a universal need.

From Paddington to Pakistan, Sydney to South America, Adelaide to Asia, Willow Bay has collections to suit your busy lifestyle.

More than fashion

Now, don’t get us wrong. Willow Bay loves fashion. And they know you do too. That’s why they’ve continued to expand the collections, offering different styles, limited edition colours and prints and seasonal collections.

But Willow Bay is not about fast fashions and fads that fade quickly.

Willow Bay is inspired by the latest trends, from the sidewalks of Sydney to cat walks of Paris. And by you. At Willow Bay we listen to our customers' feedback – both the things they love in our bags – and would love us to add.

But a Willow Bay bag is more than that.

A Willow Bay bag is both fashionable and practical, an investment in a timeless piece.

Because, just like as you want to hold on to your best friend forever, when you find the perfect bag, you want it to last.

Willow Bay rigorously road test every new design, refining and improving them and making sure they last.

A Willow Bay bag is something to be loved and enjoyed.

A bag that becomes more than just an accessory, but an extension of yourself.

And because Willow Bay bags are for women over the world, the range has grown and evolved to include bags for every stage and every occasion in your life. No matter who you are and wherever in the world you call home.

Whether you need something for the things you carry day to day or that perfect partner for round the world travel, there’s a perfectly sized Willow Bay bag for you.

Quality and Durability

As women, we can withstand most of what life throws at us.

And your bag should too.

Willow Bay believe in making things last. Superior craftsmanship and high-quality materials to ensure your bag lasts.

They’re durable and washable.

Your Willow Bay bag will look as good as the day you bought it, no matter what life (or your kids) throw at it.

Focus on service

At Willow Bay, there is no compromise.

You can combine a global brand with personalised service, fashion with function, quality and durability with affordable pricing.

And even as Willow Bay has grown into a global brand, they’ve retained the friendly, personal customer service they built the business on. Quick delivery and streamlined processes don’t mean you’re just an order number.

A company that proves you can grow and still put your customers at the heart of everything you do. From taking on suggestions about design and colour, to quickly despatching orders and personally responding to each and every customer enquiry.

A great product is more than just the great product. It’s the customer service that comes with it. And that’s at the core of how Willow Bay operate.

Willow Bay is company with heart and substance, and no matter how big they grow, or how far they expand, that personalised customer service and attention to detailed will always be at the core of everything they do.

Even as Willow Bay has grown, they’ve focused on delivering a high level of customer service to every customer, no matter where they are in the world. From making the website easy to navigate, having stunning photographs and describing products accurately, to despatching orders quickly and responding to enquiries with care and attention.

Without customer service, Willow Bay would not be the business it is.

Giving back

Willow Bay has a big heart, and people are at the heart of Willow Bay. From their families, to the customers and the businesses that have helped them grow.

From their earliest days as a small business, Willow Bay has given back to the communities they live and work in.

And as the brand and business has grown, they’ve continued to support a range of charities, especially those supporting women and children, because these issues are close to their hearts and their customers.

Giving back to the charities their customers support is just one way they can express their thanks for their customer’s support.

Founded on friendship and family

Willow Bay was founded on friendship.

Tammy and Hayley are both busy mums, great friends, and successful entrepreneurs.

They wanted to create a business together. A business they could grow around their families, working for themselves and setting their own terms.

With backgrounds in art, photography, retail and business, skincare and clothing, they created Willow Bay to fill a gap in the market for functional but fashionable neoprene bags made with attention to detail and quality.

The brand grew quickly, as the founders added colours and styles to cater to a growing customer base.

Five years on, a single design and a business based in a garage, Tammy and Hayley have created a brand that crosses borders and boundaries to be loved by women from Adelaide to Asia and beyond.

Willow Bay now has its own base warehouse and showroom in Adelaide, where the founders continue to design and launch new collections, using their complimentary unique skill sets to grow and develop the business.

Tammy and Hayley continue to provide personalised service, responding to customer emails, social media messages and reviews.

And they’re excited about what lays ahead.

Focused on the future

Willow Bay will continue to expand globally, sharing the universal appeal of their fashionable, functional and fun bags with customers across the world.

Wherever you are, Willow Bay bags will continue to be by your side, helping you carry the load.

And as a company focused on continual evolution, Willow Bay is constantly developing new designs.

This has recently resulted in the launch of an innovative magnetic gym caddy, and new brand, Re-Active Sports.

Behind the scenes. See us in action…