The Perfect Travel Handbag - by Kate McDonnell

I have spent years searching the world (literally) for the perfect travel handbag and I’ve finally found it…from a brand hailing from my own country of Australia!

The crazy thing about this bag is that it’s on trend no matter where I am in the world. It has the chic sophistication preferred by Parisiennes, the petite cuteness adored in Japan and the modern coolness favoured by New Yorkers.

But being fashionable is nothing to me if it’s cumbersome. Made of high-quality neoprene means that along with its compact size (just right for my wallet, phone and lip gloss), the WB Luxe is ultra-lightweight in my suitcase. It allows me to explore all day without feeling weighed down and wearing it cross-body gives me extra confidence of not having it nabbed if I find myself in a less desirable

The great thing is, it goes from day to night when I change the strap from sleek vegan leather to the shiny chain. Both allow me to keep my hands free for important things like tasting gelato in Rome, vintage shopping in London or snapping selfies in Istanbul. If I’m feeling particularly fancy, I can remove it altogether to have a clutch. Whichever way I wear it, it magically seems to go with any outfit! It’s the perfect handbag for stylish globetrotting.

You can view the collection of Luxe Neoprene Clutch Bags here:

- Kate

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