Why choose a Willow Bay Boutique Neoprene Tote?

Excellent question! Allow us to point out some of the features of this amazeballs design :)

One of the features that makes this beauty so special is the double eyelets. This registered design feature allows us to offer a full zip closure! When we say full, we mean full zip! Not one of those flappy zips that hangs over the side and still allows someone to peek their hand into your bag. This zip will keep all your belongings completely secure, and for those times when your handbag goes flying through the car (which happens to the best of us), your gear will stay in your bag and not scattered throughout your vehicle. (We know, you know what we mean).

Next, we should mention the lining and pocket combo. The Boutique is fully lined with four pockets built in. These are not your ordinary pockets, they are deep enough to hold all your gear (think wallets, keys, phone, hair brush, diary, notebooks, makeup etc...) and they sit round the base of the bag so you really will feel completely organised.

But wait, there's more (insert a little giggle)...

We have also included a removable base. Because of the lining the base does sit nice and snug and doesn't move around as it tends to in some of the other bags on the market. 

They are washable (cold gentle cycle with mild detergent) and...

We really need to talk about our colour range! We have an extensive selection of colours available in the Boutique Tote, from our classic colours like Charcoal, Black, White, Light Grey, Marle, Light Grey Marle, Navy & Khaki to something more pastel like Soft Lilac. We have also recently introduced our Velvet Collection, Marble and brights like Red, Mid Blue & Mango. If there is a colour you love then there is a good chance you will be able to find it with WB. 

So if you aren't yet sold on why our Boutique Totes are the bomb diggity, then maybe we should mention that we also offer a 12 MONTH WARRANTY. Not only our Boutique Totes but the entire Willow Bay range of products. 

Head over to the link below to check out our full collection. 


Feel free to get in touch with us at any time if you have any questions. 

WB x 

Boutique Zip Close Neoprene Tote - RRP $139.95

* The Boutique Tote is a certified registered design. Registration no. AU 201811890


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  • Courtney : January 24, 2019

    Love love love Willow Bay

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